Running the Race

"... Let us run with patience the race that is set out before us..."

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Running the Race
The childcare /daycare issue was being discussed on the Michael Coren show tonight. I saw bits of the show and heard Marylyn Churley discussing how 'idealy, in this day and age,' it is almost impossible for one parent to stay home with the kids. The statement was a revelation that her priorities are about finances not families.Time with kids doesn't cost money.
And she raged on about how $1200/child/per year was 'not enough'...typical political statement. You can do all the number crunching you want about the'so-called' Lib plan (that is pushing for institutional government run care)compared to the Conservative plan... it isn't about how much $ is spent.
As a matter of principle the Conservative plan works best for families. They are recognizing all families, not just the daycare users. The $100/month is basically a tax retun, and we know we pay far too much tax in this country. It is tangible, it doesn't take a lawyer to interpret the plan for us.It is for all, not just 'qualifiers.'Our kids are grown, so we won't be receiving the $, but I am quite pleased that a share of the tax money that we send to Ottawa will be going to young families,( my daughter! Yay!) instead of advocacy groups, special interest groups, politicans,or 'studies'.

This is my letter that was published in the local paper:

Much of the information being put out by media and national daycare advocates is that daycare as we know it will soon end.
This has never been the idea of the new federal government.It recognizes that daycare is necessary for many people.
The Conservative party is in fact planning to increase daycare spaces and will encourage employers to open daycare facilities for their employees.
The plan to help all families with $1200 per year per child has been ridiculed for being 'not enough for daycare'. It was never intended for daycare. It is for families with children under six. Period.
There is an advocacy group- 'Chidcare Advocacy Association'-
that has been funded by the past Liberal government for many years that is making misleading claims that a national daycare plan is necessary.Fewer than 30% of families use daycare centres, most choose other forms of childcare.
Why fund an institutional national daycare? One important form of child care that has been neglected and insulted by the federal Liberals is the stay at home parent.
Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in the House of Commons " the last few years academics,experts,lobbyists,researchers,advocates and politicians got lot's of funding in the name of childcare...the Conservatives intend to bring forth legislation to help parents, chidren and families directly."
The advocates for national institutional daycare are fearmongering. Single parents who need daycare will still have it, and still claim daycare expense at taxtime.

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Irish in me is celebrating St. Patrick's Day ...Top o' the mornin' to all of you especially my Irish brothers and sisters!!It is also a good day to start blogging, and expressing my thoughts on a variety of issues. My family is very important to me . Over the years we have had many ups and downs of course, but we are survivors. My relationship with God thru Jesus Christ is also very important and not seperate from any other aspects of my life. I thank God for my family and all that he has provided.One of the best choices God allowed me was to stay home with my children for 15 years, while my husband worked. I like to share about those days for the memories. But it was a difficult time financially, and we were very aware of the discrepancies in the government toward families with one parent home.For that reason I am doing all I can to support the conservative plan to help families. And I will do all I can to fight against a national day care plan that is being pushed by the Lib/NDP groups.It's the fighting Irish in me!!
I like what Sarah had to say here